About il Sole

Home Grown Saffron, Hand-Picked by Our Farmers

Based in the heart of New Zealand, we are a small business operating as a vertical chain that grows, harvests, processes and packages superior quality saffron to be sold worldwide. Once a year, our farmers harvest the delicate threads of each flower by hand when the species is in season and we sell the stigmas between the months of April.

 Due to the restricted and time-consuming process that any saffron supplier must adhere to, it is classed as one of the most expensive spices in the world and as a result, it is considered a symbol of luxury when combined with cuisine. However, don’t be put off by the price tag — a little amount goes a long way and you only really need a pinch of saffron to complement a delicious dish!


Bringing Sunshine to Cuisine

Saffron is often referred to as the sunshine spice, not only because of its vibrant colour, but it also gets the nickname as it may brighten your mood. It has been traditionally used to treat the symptoms of mild-to-moderate depression and anxiety and is also appreciated for its aphrodisiac properties.

We are dedicated to growing premium quality saffron to enhance our customers’ health and wellbeing. The name Il Sole translates to ‘sun’ in Italian and it not only represents part of the cultivation process of our product, but it also portrays the vitality, fire and passion that drives us as a company. Whether you’re hoping to experience some of the health benefits that this spice has to offer or simply wanting to level up in the culinary field — you can rely on us to deliver pure, sustainably sourced saffron directly to your door.