Saffron NZ

Bringing Sunshine to Cuisine

Saffron - The Sunshine Spice

Exquisite Flavour with Health-Boosting Benefits

Elevate mealtimes with an exotic touch; saffron blends with diverse cuisines and is
commonly found in gourmet restaurants around the world.

Evidence has shown that incorporating saffron in your diet may help
improve mood, increase libido and fight oxidative stress.
This is due to the fact that its plant compounds are rich in antioxidants and anti-depressant

Premium NZ Saffron

Premium NZ Saffron

Nothing makes food feel more elegant and refined than a pinch of saffron. il Sole Saffron is deep red colour elevates dishes and the beautiful, natural aroma it releases while cooking makes the culinary experience that bit more enticing.
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Saffron Corms

Saffron Corms

There’s nothing more rewarding than consuming home-grown produce. il Sole corms grow into beautiful, delicate-looking garden flowers in a lovely deep lilac colour and each one will produce 3 stigmas of saffron. Self-harvest your very own saffron spice with our seasonal corms, available throughout December until stocks last.
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Home Chief

Don’t be put off by the price tag — a little amount goes a long way and you
only really need a pinch of saffron to complement a delicious dish!